How to Submit URL Address to the GSC

GSC is known as Google Search Console. What is the purpose of submitting the URL address of your website to the GSC?

Start with optimizing your blogs on website for SEO and once you have written blogs according to the search engine optimization strategies and you feel that your website is set to apply SEO, that is the time when you need to let the search engines know about the existence of your website. Your blogs are ready to be discovered by the search engine and users organically.

What you will do? You will submit the link of your website to the GSC then the search engine will start showing your website as the result of the searches.

You might be wondering,

How to Submit URL to GSC?

Google keeps track of the websites and data with the help of bots. These bots sneak into the websites from time to time to check if they are up to Google’s guidelines or not. If any error is found, Google immediately takes action.

If Google bots find information on the websites correct and up to date, Google starts displaying that information on the search result’s page. But before allowing Google bots to check your website, you need to submit the URL of your website to the Google Search Console.

When you will submit your URL, the Google bots will start sneaking into your website. Remember that submission of URLs is a one-time process. It takes a series of steps to follow for submission.

If your website is search engine optimized, I will suggest you do it today.

What Google Bots Look for When Sneaking in Your Website

If you read the guidelines from Google, it has all the detailed criteria lists which are a lot. There are tons of dos and don’ts to follow. But I will mention a few of them which are most important.

So, you need to focus on:

–        Information that you are providing

–        Keywords being used in title

–        Meta Tags

–        Meta Descriptions

–        Heading Tags such as H1, H2, etc.

–        Paragraph Content

–        Images that are used

The process of submitting a URL address is just like sending an invitation to the Google bots to scan your website. If the website is accurate on all the guidelines, Google bots will start displaying your website in the search result. It does not guarantee the ranking of your website. The ranking is upgraded through SEO then. In actuality, making the search engine in the results is the result of a good SEO strategic implementation.

4 Steps to Submit URL to the GSC

At first, you need to submit your blog to Google by adding your website URL address to the Google Search Console.

Or you can easily connect the link of your blog to the Google Search Console by following mentioned four steps:


Go to the Google Search Console and sign in there with your existing Google Account.


Once you are logged in to the GSC account, click on the “Add Property” button.


A pop-up window will appear after clicking the add property button that will demand you to enter the URL address in the bar.

Copy the URL address of your blog or website and paste it in that bar.


Now that you have added the URL address in your GSC account successfully, click on the “Alternative Method” tab. On that tab, you will be provided with a code. Copy the code from there and paste it in the “head” section of your blog.

The Head section appears just above the “body” section of your blog or website.

Once you have completed all the steps successfully, click the “verify” button at the Google Search Console home page and you are done.

That was it! By completing this simple process, you have officially told Google to start sneaking in and indexing your website.

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