Cloud platforms – the providers in the individual ranking

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In the “Accelerator” quadrant, Crisp Research positions those providers who are particularly attractive to corporate customers in terms of product maturity and market presence. Amazon Web Services is still the market leader here. The analysts justify this with “the constant high speed of innovation and the supremacy as the most widespread platform in companies and in developer circles”. The number of platform services and the high reputation among customers also ensured the top spot.


With its Azure platform, Microsoft also has an attractive offer that is only inferior to the AWS portfolio in a few points. According to the Crisp analysts, the provider managed to keep the pace of innovation high in terms of Azure while developing an almost as extensive selection of platform services and operating options as AWS. In addition, there is a special focus on enterprise customers, which Microsoft has made clear with a German data center and the trustee model with T-Systems. That helps to further increase customer acceptance.


With SaaS offers like G Suite, the search engine group has long enjoyed a high priority in companies. With the new enterprise strategy, which is only just beginning to take effect, the provider now also wants to gear IaaS and PaaS services more closely to professional customers. “This is still mainly limited to a high-performance platform with a range of services, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, ” comment the Crisp experts. In terms of vendor performance, however, Google must do more than build a sales team for the German-speaking region.


Not so long ago, IBM integrated its IaaS offerings, which it had launched under the name Softlayer, into the Bluemix PaaS portfolio. Despite moderate success in productive use, the platform is rightly on the shortlist of many decision-makers in terms of the services offered, data center locations, and the enterprise level, according to the analysts. IBM has a good offer, especially for long-term customers. This also applies to a hybrid cloud operating models.


With its Hana Cloud Platform, SAP has a similar standing in the market to IBM in the Crisp ranking. The product and the idea behind the PaaS offer based on the in-memory technology Hana are very interesting for many application scenarios, especially in the analytics and big data environment, according to the market researchers. The platform is also a good choice for many SAP customers, even though going live often takes longer than expected.


The Telekom has with the Open TelekomCloud now also a real and own public cloud offering. It was developed jointly with Huawei on the basis of the OpenStack open-source package. The German group already had important platform services in its portfolio when it entered the market, comments Crisp. Medium-sized customers in particular can thus be supported inexpensively and by a local partner when they enter the cloud.


With ProfitBricks, a relatively small German player makes it into the quadrants of the leading German cloud platform providers. With an additional data center in the USA, the Berlin provider can also serve international customers well. Crisp Research rates the takeover of ProfitBricks, which was only founded in 2010, by the United Internet on August 1, 2017, as positive. Under the umbrella of the 1 & 1 Internet SE business division, the provider can further expand its market presence. ProfitBricks is currently still operating as an independent brand and company.


With Salesforce1 and the associated PaaS offers, the CRM specialist is also one of the top providers in the Accelerator quadrant. The proprietary platform does require some training on the part of the user, the analysts point out. Nevertheless, the PaaS environment is partially successful in the market, especially in addition to the in-house SaaS services and as a basis for IoT scenarios.

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